Excluding a range from a subnet

Olivier Bax de Keating olivier.baxdekeating.external at aastra.com
Wed Apr 23 09:52:11 UTC 2008



I'm having the following problem :

I have to add a dhcp server in an already configured subnet, and manage
a range. The problem is that in my range, there may be one or many
devices with a static ip not configured in dhcp, and my dhcp server
musn't manage them. I'd like to declare one range, with excluded
ip/ranges to ignore. I had a look on internet but didn't find smthg
corresponding exactly to what I need :


IP Conflict prevention :

Ping an ip before proposing it to a new device, if there's an answer,
the ip is declared as abandoned in the lease file => it's exactly what I
want, but can I add abandoned ip myself, or is it not recommended
(problem when purging lease files ....)


Segmenting my range :

Declare 2 ranges with the excluded ip in the middle (not declared). It's
good if I have only 2 or 3 ip to exclude, but if I have 10 or more, it's
really fastidious.


Declaring them as hosts :

I would have to ask the mac address of each devices (or at least put a
default mac address, as I don't care giving address to them)


I'm interested in more elegants way of doing that (coping with abandoned
range instead of abandoned ip like in Windows DHCP server)


Thanks for all




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