DDNS updates to two master DNS servers

Alan Clegg Alan_Clegg at isc.org
Mon Dec 1 19:14:46 UTC 2008

Scott McCamish (Contractor) wrote:
> Hi-  I have two peer DHCP servers successfully updating a master DNS
> server with dynamic updates.  How can I configure the DHCP servers to
> update a second master DNS server?
> Where can I find documentation on this stanza, as found in the
> dhcpd.conf man page:
> zone 17.127.10.in-addr.arpa. {
>    primary;
>    key DHCP_UPDATER;
> }
> Trying to add a second "primary" line throws an error upon startup,
> adding a "secondary" line doesn't seem to complain, but doesn't seem to
> do anything, either.

There's no such thing (in ISC BIND) as a "second master".  You have one
master and then a slew of slave/secondary nameservers.


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