DDNS updates to two master DNS servers

Scott McCamish (Contractor) mccamish at usna.edu
Tue Dec 2 12:34:12 UTC 2008

John Hascall wrote:
>> Scott McCamish (Contractor) wrote:
>>> Hi-  I have two peer DHCP servers successfully updating a master DNS
>>> server with dynamic updates.  How can I configure the DHCP servers to
>>> update a second master DNS server?
>> There's no such thing (in ISC BIND) as a "second master".  You have one
>> master and then a slew of slave/secondary nameservers.
> Officially, anyway.  None the less, it is not an entirely unheard of
> arrangement.  We do it on some of our servers (because they are managed
> by an external DB system).  I'm pretty sure if the original poster
> looks in the archives I've talked about mangling the code to do this
> (basically, I just modified it to ignore the SOA record an update
> every NS record, which is what was correct for us).
> Another possible approach would be to code up a simple 'amplifier'
> that you point DHCP at, and it handles forwarding the requests
> to both your servers -- this would let you keep DHCP unmodified.
> John
> _______________________________________________

In regards to the multiple-masters setup, I find I can keep them both 
correctly updated easier than I'd expect to be able to recover from a 
hardware failure on the master of a master/slave setup.

I've tried to search the archives, but I only seem to find the Nov/Dec 
2008, could you give me a pointer to it?  You're solution sounds good, 
but that would depend on how "mangled" the code gets :)


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