DHCP don't acknowledges more than 80 users??

Martin Hochreiter linuxbox at wavenet.at
Fri Dec 5 07:10:43 UTC 2008

Austin Gabel schrieb:
> failover peer "dhcp-failover" state {
>   my state communications-interrupted at 2 2008/12/02 20:50:34;
>   partner state normal at 1 2008/11/24 07:17:33;
> }
> There is a hint right there.  Unless you just restarted your dhcp 
> server, your failover peers are not communicating correctly.
Hi again,

well there is no subnet declaration because it is ldap based -
all that information is in the ldap tree ...

The failover peer is down because we have to know if the
dhcp server is able to work alone (to test the whole failover concept) -
obviously it is not able to do so.


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