DHCP don't acknowledges more than 80 users??

Martin Hochreiter linuxbox at wavenet.at
Fri Dec 5 07:49:45 UTC 2008

Joe in MPLS schrieb:
> IIRC... failover peers split the address pools for each subnet with 
> each peer getting half of the addresses. A peer won't claim the other 
> half of the addresses until its partner is down long enough to be 
> considered (more or less) permanently down. Do you have 160 addresses 
> in that subnet's pool?
>             ...jgm
mhmm - that's a good hint -
The dhcp serves about 10 subnet's, in the particular 10.222.xxx.xxx net 
are 272 clients.
I turned down the secondary 12hours before to avoid that reclaiming 
problem - I thought
the default value for reclaming is 30 minutes so that shouldn't be a 
problem if I kill the secondary
12hours before.
Maybe I am wrong here


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