vendor-encapsulated-options and Scope

Martin McCormick martin at
Thu Dec 11 19:22:46 UTC 2008

Jeffrey Hutzelman writes:
> Put another way: If you put a host, class, or subclass inside a subnet or
> shared-network, then options from that subnet or shared-network will be
> applied, even when the client is booting on some other network.
> Put another way: Don't put host, class, or subclass definitions inside a
> subnet or shared-network. It won't do what you want.

	My thanks to all.  I think I understand this better
especially after seeing what happened yesterday. Every access
point that fit the cryteria got hosed and it now makes perfect
sense as to why. It's kind of easy to start thinking everything
can be scoped and this was a great reminder that that is not

Martin McCormick

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