DDNS: unable to add forward map - not authorised

Holger Honert holger.honert at signal-iduna.org
Mon Dec 15 08:12:40 UTC 2008


have a look at the log-files of the dns-server. 
Depending on the severity, you will probably find the reason.



> I quickly checked the list to see if was answered already, but no.
> Google has been no help so far. I thought this was fixed, but it came
> back- and now my log file is chockers with this error.
> As far as I know my rndc key is exactly the same across the board. My
> dhcpd.conf has forward and reverse zones, a key designation and a subnet
> designation. My former server died, and I had to recreate my dhcpd.conf
> files, but I rescued my named.conf and zone files. I run Freebsd. This
> setup worked previously, but not now (at least up until yesterday, then
> it worked, and suddenly the error reappeared today.
> To fix the error I tried creating a new secret using dnssec-gen. Still
> not working. I concentrated on the dhcpd.conf files because that has the
> highest chance of failure due to recreation.
> One other factor is the zones have views for a split dns- an internal
> and an external. The localhost should have access to internal views as
> the match list is the subnet and localhost. I did try key access to the
> internal view, but no luck there either.
> Any ideas? I'm not sure exactly what info would be needed so let me
> know.
> Cheers
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