Sudden Slow Performance

Kelvin Williams kelvin-lists at
Mon Dec 15 13:57:08 UTC 2008

We've been operating one of our DHCP Servers for approximately 6 months
without any issues.  This server is on a network with about 2,500 hosts.
The server has worked flawlessly until last week when it became extremely


Clients are having to send multiple DISCOVERs before the server will
respond, and sometimes the server does not respond timely to a REQUEST.
Causing the clients to timeout and stop attempting.


We've reviewed the server's load, and its very, very light.  vmstat doesn't
show any bottlenecks in the processor or disk.  The current version we are
running is 3.1.1; 


As I stated, this all occurred within the last week.  Can anyone recommend
something to check?  Or is there a way to get greater verbosity from the
debug mode?


Many thanks in advance.







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