Convert MS DHCP config to real DHCP?

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Tue Dec 16 17:52:38 UTC 2008

You can try running the command "netsh dhcp server dump" from the Windows 2003 server, and it will output the configuration of the MS DHCP server.

Greg Rabil

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Peter Laws wrote:
> David W. Hankins wrote:
>> On Mon, Dec 15, 2008 at 11:29:30AM -0600, Peter Laws wrote:
>>> I've been poking at the ISC site but can't find any links.  Surely someone
>>> has a script to take MS DHCP config files and spit out a functionally
>>> identical ISC config?

>> There's one in contrib/, but I haven't tried it in years.  It's a perl

> Hey - look at that!  Now, if I could just get (ActiveState) perl to find

> Perl on Windows .... <shudder>

After engaging a perl monger (or closer to one than I am), I found that 
perl was finding the module and was reading the registry, but that the 
config data wasn't there.

Looks like W2K3 keeps the config in an mdb ...  Now, if I could just figure 
out how to copy the database ... Windows won't let me kill the DHCP service 
and the dhcp.mdb is locked!

Fun, fun.  :-)

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