Convert MS DHCP config to real DHCP?

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Tue Dec 16 19:08:17 UTC 2008

Do you intend to manage your IP space using the ISC formatted files? Or
will you be using some form of management tool (a.k.a. IPAM) You might
find a tool with the ability to manage this conversion with you via


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Greg.Rabil at wrote:
> Peter,
> You can try running the command "netsh dhcp server dump" from the
Windows 2003 server, and it will output the configuration of the MS DHCP

ARGH!  I just figured that out myself and was coming back here to tell 
everybody!.  :-)  Thanks, though, if I'd looked at this folder sooner,
have saved a bunch of time futzing with mdb files.

Yeah, that did it.  I can work with this, but will go back to my
question and modify it a bit:

Anyone know of a script to take the output of Windows netsh dhcp server 
dump and convert it to a dhcp.conf?

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