Host configuration

Todd Snyder tsnyder at
Mon Feb 11 17:21:32 UTC 2008

Good day,

I realize this perhaps isn't the ideal spot for this question, but I
know of no other ideal spot, so I'll try.

There is much power in the use of DHCP - being able to centralize and
change key network configs dynamically is ideal.  However, that
functionality is lost the minute you want to use static ip addresses.
Now, I realize you could assign a static IP on the dhcp server, so a
server always gets the same one, but that isn't ideal for a data centre.

So my question is, is there an implementation of a subset of dhcp that
allows for the dynamic configuration of the non-network specific
components of a server?  Ie: dns server, ntp servers, wins servers.
Where I would configure my server with an ip/gw/nw, then it would use
dhcplite to fetch other centralized configs.

I've done a little searching but not found anything, and figure people
here may have gone through this thought exercise before.



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