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michael at michael at
Mon Feb 11 19:12:35 UTC 2008

Todd Snyder wrote:
> Good day,
> I realize this perhaps isn't the ideal spot for this question, but I
> know of no other ideal spot, so I'll try.
> There is much power in the use of DHCP - being able to centralize and
> change key network configs dynamically is ideal.  However, that
> functionality is lost the minute you want to use static ip addresses.
> Now, I realize you could assign a static IP on the dhcp server, so a
> server always gets the same one, but that isn't ideal for a data centre.

Why isn't this ideal for a data center?

Many of us have very large data centers that are managed via DHCP 
exactly as you described without issues.

It makes life so much easier.  If I want to update an NTP server, I just 
update the config.  If I want to move a whole rack to another subnet, I 
just update the dhcp server config without making any changes to the 
clients, etc.

I use an include file for the hosts that have a static mapping that is 
generated programmatically.


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