Wildly excessive DHCPREQUESTs

Stulic,Damjan damjan.stulic at edwardjones.com
Wed Feb 20 20:30:31 UTC 2008

How did you notice this problem?
Is there any monitoring tool that can help with this kind of observance?

Damjan Stulic
IS Security
Edward Jones 

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Subject: Wildly excessive DHCPREQUESTs

We have a number of machines here which are making a stupidly high
number of DHCPREQUESTS (and DISCOVERS in some cases).

For example, we have a few dozen machines making in excess of
1000 REQUESTs per day.   The worst seems to be an XP box making
about 11,000/day.  Does anyone have any idea what might make a box do a
DHCPREQUEST/ACK cycle about every five seconds all day, day after day
(despite getting a 4 day lease)?


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