dhcp status apps

J E jef_umd at umd.umich.edu
Fri Jan 4 20:39:20 UTC 2008

On Jan 4, 2008, at 3:01 PM, Alex Moen wrote:

> > > Subject: Re: dhcp status apps
> > > From: chris_cox at stercomm.com

> > > I'm curious.  What is it missing?  You say it's "not complete"

Actually, the author pretty much says it:   "That doesn't mean that  
DHCPStatus will display any of the new features, it just means that at  
least it won't crash on you with a syntax error."  I'm just taking his  
word for it at this point.  :)

> One thing that DHCPStatus is missing (very important, imho) is the  
> ability to process "include" statements.  We are running more than  
> 250 subnets, and are using include statements in our dhcpd.conf that  
> allow us to split up the conf into manageable files.  DHCPStatus  
> does not include the included configs, so it is kind of useless in  
> this sense.  I am looking at the code to see if it is easy to  
> modify, but I am not a perlmonger by any means so I don't hold much  
> hope!  :)
> Alex

Good to know - we make HEAVY use of includes. 47 of them currently  
with more to come as I break out the config completely.  This was the  
sort of thing I was hoping to suss out before installing it. We also  
make use of pools and bootp, something the author mentions as not  
supported. Don't remember if they are v3 specific (haven't used v2 in  
a long time), but we also use classes/subclasses and probably a few  
options that it won't like.



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