INFORM not working properly?

Paul Keck pkeck at
Fri Jan 18 00:46:36 UTC 2008

Replying to an email from many months back.

Regarding the behavior of a reply to an INFORM giving out the default DNS
servers if the custom servers are in a host stanza:

On Sun, Apr 01, 2007 at 09:17:16PM -0700, David W. Hankins wrote:
> On Sat, Mar 31, 2007 at 04:34:32PM -0400, Paul Keck wrote:
> > A couple of questions-
> > 
> > - when might the INFORM/host statement thing get implemented?
> Far enough out I couldn't even guess.  We have a full queue ahead
> of us already.  We've known about this when we started 3.1.0 work,
> so hopefully we could get it into the next feature release after
> the first DHCPv6 one.

Is it still the case that the latest and greatest dhcpd has the issue with
the INFORM not looking in the host stanza?  If so, is anyone aware of a
patch that introduces the desired behavior of also checking the host stanza?

> > - is there a workaround that could be suggested so that a host trying to get
> > DNS from an INFORM will get something other than the global default?  I'd be
> > willing to juggle my config syntax to meet the need.
> Sure, use subclasses instead of or in addition to the host records.
> Clients are always classed, so they work on INFORMs too.
> You can read about those in 'man dhcpd.conf', search forward for
> "SUBCLASS".  If you need help after that, come on back.

Would this still be the best approach in your opinion?  I seem to recall
another email from David which said this may not work, but for the life of
me I can't find it.

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