Biggest installation of ISC DHCP?

Nick Urbanik nicku at
Fri Jan 18 09:33:22 UTC 2008

On 18/01/08 16:06 +0800, Aggarwal Vivek-Q4997C wrote:
>Can you please tell that how many requests for IP Address can be
>processed by ISC DHCP Server in one second for subscriber base
>mentioned below?

Well, this is just DHCPACK messages.  This rate is roughly equal to
the rate of DHCPREQUEST + rate of DHCPLEASEQUERY messages.
    Avg: 3322.80 messages/min
    Max: 6483.69 messages/min
    Avg: 3608.27 messages/min
    Max: 7260.80 messages/min

    Avg: 1131.04 messages/min
    Max: 2365.34 messages/min
    Avg: 796.22 messages/min
    Max: 1377.65 messages/min

    Avg: 337.50 messages/min
    Max: 523.96 messages/min
    Avg: 280.51 messages/min
    Max: 412.14 messages/min

Why do you ask?
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