Biggest installation of ISC DHCP?

Simon Hobson dhcp1 at
Fri Jan 18 10:40:45 UTC 2008

Nick Urbanik wrote:

>>Can you please tell that how many requests for IP Address can be
>>processed by ISC DHCP Server in one second for subscriber base
>>mentioned below?
>Well, this is just DHCPACK messages.  This rate is roughly equal to
>the rate of DHCPREQUEST + rate of DHCPLEASEQUERY messages.
>    Avg: 3322.80 messages/min
>    Max: 6483.69 messages/min
>    Avg: 3608.27 messages/min
>    Max: 7260.80 messages/min
>    Avg: 1131.04 messages/min
>    Max: 2365.34 messages/min
>    Avg: 796.22 messages/min
>    Max: 1377.65 messages/min
>    Avg: 337.50 messages/min
>    Max: 523.96 messages/min
>    Avg: 280.51 messages/min
>    Max: 412.14 messages/min

Some impressive figures. I'm guessing that you have some "fairly well 
specced" hardware to run that.

>Why do you ask?

Well it's a useful reference point - and we're all curious ;-)

Occasionally we get requests along the lines of "we want to do 
<insert some large setup> and management want assurances we can cope 
with <insert some event>". One such request was (IIRC) related to a 
network of a similar size to yours (at least in order of magnitude) 
and wanted to be sure they could cope with a statewide power cut and 
simultaneous client bootup when power came back on.

There isn't really any hard data on large installations, and there 
are so many variables, so it can be hard to answer.

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