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Doug Chapman prjctgeek at
Mon Jan 28 20:46:00 UTC 2008

I've had dynamic dns working with dhcpd just great, but just recently
discovered that only the reverse record updates are failing (my own
fault...).  I'd like to force dhcpd to update DNS with everything in the
leases file.

The dhcpd.conf man page says this under the interim update section:

      " This  can  lead to cases where the DHCP server adds a record, and
then the record is deleted through some other mechanism, but the server
       again updates the DNS because it thinks the data is already there.
In this case the data can be  removed  from  the  lease  through  operator
       intervention, and once this has been done, the DNS will be updated
the next time the client renews."

What does operator intervention mean?  I see these lines in the leases file-
do I delete them?

  set ddns-fwd-name = "";
  set ddns-txt = "31f353cf6e772016f627a279866d637cc8";

Or just nuke the leases file and restart?

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