subnets separate with physical cards

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Tue Jan 29 12:09:24 UTC 2008

On 1/29/08, Glenn Satchell <Glenn.Satchell at> wrote:

> I don't think you need to go to that level of complexity.
> First up, read the dhcpd.conf man page, and especially the section
> named EXAMPLES. There is an example there that is almost exactly what
> you need.
> You need a subnet declaration for each of the subnets, with the correct
> subnet mask. In each subnet declare the dns server (option
> domain-name-servers) and the default gateway (option routers) to be the
> ip address of the server on that subnet. Add a range statement for
> dynamic allocation and you're done.
> In /etc/default/dhcp3-server set INTERFACES="eth1 eth2" so that it
> listens on both those subnets.
> regards,
> -glenn

Thanks, I will try

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