force to only accept hardware address as dhcp-client-identifier

Tarik Gasmi isnogoud at
Tue Jan 29 15:39:28 UTC 2008


the isc dhcp server identifies dhcp clients by the
dhcp-client-identifier they send. this can be different
for each client depending on the dhcp-client config:
- host-name
- vendor-code
- some string
- ...
- hw-address

if no dhcp-client-identifier is sent by the client, the server uses the
hardware address as identifier.

we have the problem, that we are serving thousands of clients, and
different clients with coincidently the same hostname could be
configurated to send their hostname as identifier. So we get the
duplicate-hostname-problem and we cannot force all users to configurate
their dhcp-clients in a certain (some users don't even know which
dhcp-client they are using)

is there a way to force/configure the dhcp-server, so that it only
chooses hardware address of the client as valid identifier no matter
what other dhcp-client-identifier the client is sending?

thanks and best regards

tarik gasmi

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