option 82. Change a MAC-address.

Lars Jacobsen lars-jacobsen at newmail.dk
Sun Mar 2 15:43:19 UTC 2008

 "DHCP-User Nick" <dhcp at kld.ru>wrote:
> I've found LDAP version only, but I would like to get patch without LDAP. 
> Is this patch available?
> nick

hmmmm no. The patch i was thinking of is Didi´s mention here:
and its not available anymore :-/ and  i dont have a"copy" of it
I can only show what Google cashed:

(From 2004-11-08)
A second try: Discussions on dhcp-server show that there are better chances 
for a patch to be accepted if it will only treat a "no UID" the same as "UID 
is the MAC address", instead of the version below (which is still what we 
use, BTW), which mostly ignores the UID completely. You can look at, and 
even try, if you are brave - it's not well tested currently, this patch and 
tell me how it behaves for you.
(From 2003-01-13)
This is a small patch we use here against ISC dhcpd. It's apparently 
contradicting some RFC(s), so will probably never be integrated, but we 
couldn't find any better solution. It causes each machine have only one 
lease. Our machines boot from the network - most of them with PXE, then get 
a pxegrub menu, in which a user can choose to boot Linux through the net 
(with its own dhcp client) or a locally-installed Windows. In normal state, 
the machine will have many different leases, depending on whether or not the 
client sent a UID field and what its UID was. This caused us problems, and 
so I wrote this patch. Use at your own risk!

And actually this patch is not assigning address based on CID/RID but just 
ignores UID.

Some did alternative soloutions:
And here it should not be that dificult to edit the code to use CID/RID i 
think, (not beeing a
programmer myself).

Btw i dont recall any news since this
but hopefully it might soon show up in the official releases. I has been 
planed for a while i think. Maybe David W. Hankins can confirm/deny this.


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