Option 43?

Tina Siegenthaler tina at zool.uzh.ch
Mon Mar 3 11:14:30 UTC 2008

Hi Keith, hi Glenn

Thanks for your help! Now it's working, the UPS gets its IP. Since we  
have only this one UPS, plus it is the only device on our net that  
needs vendor specific options, I went with the simpler solution of  
Glenn, just adding "option vendor-encapsulated-options  
01:04:31:41:50:43" to the already existing class of the UPS (which  
matches the device based on the hardware address). The solution of  
Keith was a bit too complicated for me, even if it is probably more  
Meanwhile, I've looked up option 43 also in the DHCP Handbook, so that  
I'm now understanding what this is about and what I've been adding to  
my config (always a good thing, to know what' you're doing :-)).

So, thanks again for the wuick help!


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