Upgrade to 3.1.0 fails when dhcpd.leases is from 3.0.4

Ola Sandstad ola at tantec.no
Thu Mar 13 13:40:06 UTC 2008

Dear David,

thank you for your quick reply.

I will open a ticket @ the bugs section. I need to talk to my customer 
regarding the dhcpd.leases/dhcpd.conf files, as these contain 
information we don't want to spread around. I'll try to debug some more 
to see if there's a specific portion of the dhcpd.leases that makes it 
go haywire.

Again, thank you for your quick feedback.


David W. Hankins skrev:
> On Thu, Mar 13, 2008 at 11:14:36AM +0100, Ola Sandstad wrote:
>> *** glibc detected *** /usr/sbin/dhcpd: munmap_chunk(): invalid pointer: 
>> 0x080d7f47 ***
> isc dhcp 3.1.0 doesn't call mmap (some 4.x version does use mmap to
> read config files so we can rewind the parser, but not 3.x).
> so this has to be some kind of double free bug (calling free() twice
> on the same pointer or similar), and your libc is using mmap'd regions
> as a tactic to reduce memory fragmentation.
> open a ticket on dhcp-bugs at isc.org.  it would be handiest to get
> your config and leases files to see if they're reproducable on other
> systems (and to have our hands on gdb to step through it).
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