Warning: subnet overlaps subnet

John Hascall john at iastate.edu
Tue Mar 18 22:02:55 UTC 2008

> >                   ... We have monitoring software that
> > basically sends DHCPINFORMS at the dhcp server and
> > waits for the acks.  This works good for the primary,
> > but the second server never answers because it is
> > not authoritative.  ...

> let me quote you the comment on the code that decided to overload
> the 'authoritative;' flag with whether or not to respond to
> informs;
>       /* We don't respond to DHCPINFORM packets if we're not authoritative.
>          It would be nice if a per-host value could override this, but
>          there's overhead involved in checking this, so let's see how people
>          react first. */
> it's been a few years since that comment was written, but it appears
> that you are "reacting" negatively to this author's comments.
> i think the answer hopefully does not involve gymnastics in the subnet
> sources to permit overlapping regions.  we should just create a config
> option for this and default to inspecting authoritative in its absence.

   Well, if I'm the only one to mention it, I wouldn't
   get too worked up about it on just my behalf -- especially
   since I've already got a half-dozen other local mods in
   dhcpd, so I'm not at all adverse to adding another -- I'll
   just always answer INFORMS regardless of the setting of


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