SV: Question about supporting multiple subnets

Bruce Hudson Bruce.Hudson at Dal.Ca
Wed May 21 19:36:45 UTC 2008

> You can only have one dhcp-server on one single Ethernet-broadcast-domain.

    This is not true. A given broadcast domain can have multiple servers.
All will see every broadcast DISCOVER request, and respond with an OFFER
unless configured not to. The clients will select an offer based on some
unspecified criteria and tag the REQUEST to a specific server. Unless you
tell a server it is authoritative, it will ignore requests destined for
another server.

    If you have multiple IP subnets sharing a broadcast domain, you need to
indicate that to the server with a "shared-network" stanza. Use just one
interface for each broadcast domain. Adding multiple interfaces will mean
that all of them see every request, increasing the server's workload. They
will not help the server identify what to do with the client. 
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