two tftp server

Simon Hobson dhcp1 at
Thu May 22 14:39:06 UTC 2008

Mario Scovazzi wrote:

>I have two tftp server: is possible to configure one primary and the other
>The option "option tftp-server-name string" want only a server.

Correct, in the DHCP packet there is only room for one entry, so 
there is no simple way to list two servers  and have the client try 
both. Things you can do include :

1) Run the two tftp server in a HA setup - ie one IP managed by two 
servers in a high availability setup.

2) Pass out two different values to clients so that should one server 
fail then only half your clients are affected. If the TFTP server run 
on the same machine as the DHCP servers, then you could have the two 
servers in a failover pair give out their own address - that way 
should a server die (as opposed to the DHCP service), then the 
remaining DHCP server will give out it's own (working) address for 
TFTP server.

3) Knock some form of monitoring that can alter the DHCP config 
should one of the server fail.

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