two tftp server

Doug Chapman prjctgeek at
Fri May 23 16:20:36 UTC 2008

Assuming DNS is working correctly on the client (not always a given
considering what tftp is used for), you could also use a Multiple A
record (round robin DNS) to point your hosts at a list of servers.

On Thu, May 22, 2008 at 7:39 AM, Simon Hobson <dhcp1 at> wrote:
> Mario Scovazzi wrote:
>> I have two tftp server: is possible to configure one primary and the other
>> secondary?
>> The option "option tftp-server-name string" want only a server.
> Correct, in the DHCP packet there is only room for one entry, so there is no
> simple way to list two servers  and have the client try both. Things you can
> do include :
> 1) Run the two tftp server in a HA setup - ie one IP managed by two servers
> in a high availability setup.
> 2) Pass out two different values to clients so that should one server fail
> then only half your clients are affected. If the TFTP server run on the same
> machine as the DHCP servers, then you could have the two servers in a
> failover pair give out their own address - that way should a server die (as
> opposed to the DHCP service), then the remaining DHCP server will give out
> it's own (working) address for TFTP server.
> 3) Knock some form of monitoring that can alter the DHCP config should one
> of the server fail.

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