Memory footprint of dhcpd process steadily increasing

Leif Arne Neset leifa at
Mon Apr 27 11:14:33 UTC 2009

Jeff Wieland skrev:
> sthaug at wrote:
>>>>> I've had a look at the code in failover.c, but I'm not good at 
>>>>> programming at all. Could you please tell us non programming people 
>>>>> exactly what line goes in where in the code?
>>>> As far as I can see it should be something like the following. I am
>>>> testing 4.1.1b1 with this patch now.
>>> Initial tests of this patch look very promising. Now we just need to
>>> let the DHCP servers run a couple of weeks without restart, to verify
>>> that the memory consumption of the dhcpd process stays the same.
>> It hasn't been a couple of weeks yet - but the previous memory leak
>> trend was very visible, and is now totally gone. I think we can say
>> that this problem is solved!

I've applied the patch to a pair of 3.0.x servers with about 150.000 
active leases (five hours leasetime) and the memory leak seems to be 
gone. First I patched one of the two servers in the pair and the memory 
usage of dhcpd was steady at about 60-70 Mbyte on the patched server, 
but increased slowly to about 1 GByte after two days at the unpatched 
server. The second server in the pair is now patched and the memory 
footprint is steady at about 60-70 Mbyte at the server pair even though 
there has been a lot of dhcpdiscover traffic over the weekend.

Leif Arne Neset
leifa at

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