dhcpd, Mac OS X and launchd

Tina Siegenthaler tina at zool.uzh.ch
Wed Apr 29 11:01:11 UTC 2009

Hi list

Sorry if  this is OT, but I thought I'd ask anyway...

Is there anyone using dhcpd on Mac OS X in combination with launchd?  
I'm trying to get launchd to start up dhcpd and keep it runnning, but  
for some reason launchd is trying to relaunch dhcpd every few seconds  
even if it's already running, resulting in an error saying the  
interface is already in use (of course it is). I'm using launchd to  
control other apps, and I have never seen this behavior before, so I'm  
guessing it must have something to do with dhcpd.
The man page for launchd.plist states that "a daemon launched by  
launchd must not fork(2) and have the parent process exit (3) or  
_exit(2)." I'm absolutely no programmer, but I had a quick glance at  
the code in dhcpd.c, and it seems to me that this is what dhcpd does?  
Or am I completely wrong here? If this is the case, how do you start  
your dhcpd at startup on Mac OS X?

Tested with dhcpd 3.1.2 on 10.5.6 and dhcpd 3.1.1 on 10.4.11

Thanks for your help, Tina

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