Proper format of dhcpd.conf file

Lylex Ryan lylexryan at
Mon Aug 3 20:13:48 UTC 2009

Hello, All:

I've read through the dhcpd.conf man page a few times, but would like some advice on a couple of formatting questions for the file.

Our only network is one flat, private Class-C address space.  Only one DNS server, one gateway, some fixed-address hosts, and a range for dynamically leased addresses.  Unfortunately, we're still running 3.0.4 of the dhcp server.

Because the network is so simple, I'm defining all options, lease times, etc in the global area at the start of the file.

My question: I think of the Class-C as a network, not a subnet, but am I right that I still use the syntax of:

subnet netmask {

A second question: For the fixed-address  hosts (within the Class-C but outside the dynamic range) should I put their host definitions inside or outside the subnet block?  I'm guessing either location is ok, though I'd have to use a global "subnet-mask" option if the the host was defined outside the subnet block.

Thanks in advance...Lyle

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