Proper format of dhcpd.conf file

Simon Hobson dhcp1 at
Mon Aug 3 20:24:50 UTC 2009

Lylex Ryan wrote:

>Our only network is one flat, private Class-C address space.  Only 
>one DNS server, one gateway, some fixed-address hosts, and a range 
>for dynamically leased addresses.  Unfortunately, we're still 
>running 3.0.4 of the dhcp server.
>Because the network is so simple, I'm defining all options, lease 
>times, etc in the global area at the start of the file.
>My question: I think of the Class-C as a network, not a subnet, but 
>am I right that I still use the syntax of:
>subnet netmask {
>      range;

Yes, it's still a subnet in the modern sense of the word.

>A second question: For the fixed-address  hosts (within the Class-C 
>but outside the dynamic range) should I put their host definitions 
>inside or outside the subnet block?  I'm guessing either location is 
>ok, though I'd have to use a global "subnet-mask" option if the the 
>host was defined outside the subnet block.

They should always be outside of the subnet declaration, and the 
addresses defined should NOT be in the dynamic range. Hosts will 
automatically be given options that apply to the subnet.

Simon Hobson

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