Can you load static host entries without restarting?

Simon Hobson dhcp1 at
Mon Aug 24 11:55:35 UTC 2009

Shawn Holland wrote:

>In my dhcpd.conf file I have included a separate file for static host
>include "/etc/dhcpd.registrations";
>This file is updated with additions / removals all the time and dhcpd is
>restarted. Is there a better way to load the static hosts other then
>having to restart dhcpd every time the hosts file is updated? Having to
>restart the service is causing short periods of no DHCP replies and lots
>of related problems.
>I'm running V3.0.6

I believe you can add them dynamically via OMAPI - never done it myself.

Another way to avoid outages would be to run two servers. You can 
either use failover for a shared dynamic pool, or you can have each 
server offering one of two smaller dynamic pools, or have only one 
offering dynamic addresses. For static addresses, you can have any 
number of servers as long as they share the same static assignments. 
You could then restart then separately - giving the first time to 
come up before restarting the second.

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