Can you load static host entries without restarting?

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Mon Aug 24 16:19:09 UTC 2009

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> Shawn Holland wrote:
> >In my dhcpd.conf file I have included a separate file for static host
> >entries:
> >
> >include "/etc/dhcpd.registrations";
> >
> >This file is updated with additions / removals all the time and dhcpd
> is
> >restarted. Is there a better way to load the static hosts other then
> >having to restart dhcpd every time the hosts file is updated? Having
> to
> >restart the service is causing short periods of no DHCP replies and
> lots
> >of related problems.
> >
> >I'm running V3.0.6
> I believe you can add them dynamically via OMAPI - never done it
> myself.

I use omapi-perl with 3.1.1 to do this. It will work with 3.0.6 but I
would recommend upgrading to 3.1.x as it fixes several OMAPI memory
issues. Works great!


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