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On Wed, Aug 26, 2009 at 03:40:58PM +0200, Matej wrote:
> I have some problems when trying to set up cable eMTA provisioning. My first issue is connected to the "spawn with option agent.remote-id;" inside a class. It happens that when I have this line uncommented it seems that the classes are never found although I have "match if substring(option vendor-class-identifier,0,6) = "docsis";" set and the vendor-class-identifier is set as this and should be matched. Because I later on I have set "allow members of X" and "deny unknown-clients", those devices get "no free leases". As soon as I comment the "spawn with option agent.remote-id;" line, everything works like it should.

a client is 'known' if it has a matching host {} record.  the known
bit is not toggled on class matches.

the allow/deny resulting acl's are a little
does not matter what order they appear in the config file.  the deny
list is searched first, with matches rejecting.  the permit list is
then searched next, and failure to match the permit list rejects.

because you configured to deny unknown clients, only those clients that
have host records proceed to the checking the permit list.

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