Multi-server pool question.

Phill Harvey-Smith phill at
Mon Feb 16 09:24:59 UTC 2009

Simon Hobson wrote:
> Phill Harvey-Smith wrote:
>> Is there a way that I can resolve this issue, bu configuring the 
>> servers to share pool information, or will I have to reserve 
>> allocation of the pool addresses to only one of the servers but let 
>> the others also manage the statically assigned ones.
> Three options come to mind :
> 2) Run two (and only two) servers as a failover pair. Both servers can 
> issue addresses from the pool, but they will communicate with each other 
> to avoid conflicts. If one fails, the other can run the whole pool.

In this case I take it that we can still have more than 3 servers as 
long as only 2 of them are setup for failover, and only the failover 
servers serve the pool.

This might not be an issue if I can get dhrelay going.

> Also, note that you must NOT have any statically assigned address (via 
> host statement) that is also in a dynamic pool..

Yep, this is handled by the php code and the database, which has a flag 
for dynamic or static, and will only write out static hosts if marked 



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