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On Fri, Feb 20, 2009 at 3:18 AM, LOGANATHAN GOPINATH-XNT436
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> Hi
>             I have installed ISC 4.1.0 dhcp over the DHCP-3.0 on redhat .I
> have not removed the older DHCP software from the system. I followed the
> readme in the ISC docs to install it .I am not sure whether the installed
> software is running or the old version is active .Is there a way anyone know
> how to disable the older version and activate the new release .

Here is how to turn off the old (Red Hat ) version.

sudo /sbin/chkconfig --level 123456 dhcpd off
sudo /sbin/service dhcpd stop

I would recommend uninstalling the old version with

rpm -e dhcp

That will make sure the two are not conflicting anywhere.

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