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T MANIKANDAN-PKXR74 manikandan.t at
Fri Feb 20 15:17:50 UTC 2009

  Based on the comments received from Brad earlier on tuning DHCP for
max performance, I decided to upgrade My DHCP server to 3.1.2 from 3.0.5
and also include the HASH adjustment for getting max performance.
   My initial version 3.0.5 is from Linux OS didn't have any dhcpd.h
I downloaded the source tar ball from
<>  to /tmp/ directory and
ran the following commands to build the new release
tar -zxvf dhcp-3.1.2.tar.gz
1. ./configure
2. make
3.make install
and also I made the following changes in syslog.conf 
local6.*    -/var/log/dhcpd.log
and changed the LEASE_HASH_ from 100003 to 250007, the file I edited is
in the location  /tmp/dhcp-3.1.2/includes/

initially the performance was around 40 Five way hand shakes per second
from 3.0.5 and after installing 3.1.2 it increased to 61 five way
handshakes per second ,  and some how I feel the changes made in hash
adjustment is not effective, how do I verify this change. or I need to
do some additional steps in order to make the hash adjustment effective
did I make any mistake in installing 3.1.2 
should I edit any other file prior to configure or make or make install.
how the changes in hash will be effective.
also in ver 3.0.5 from Linux OS I didn't find /includes/dhcpd.h at all
is it normal ??
Request to guide me in this regard.
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