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>Subject: Re: Ping-checkoff
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>> Hi can some one help me disabling ping-check off and moving the dhcp
>> leases write ram disk .Your help would be highly appreciated
>What about writing
>	ping-check false;
>into your dhcpd.conf file?
>The location of the lease file can be changed either on compile time or
>(probably more convenient) as option -lf to the dhcpd command.
or even more convenient use dhcpd.conf entry

     The lease-file-name statement

       lease-file-name name;

       Name should be the name of the DHCP server's  lease  file.
       By  default, this is /var/dhcp/dhcpd.leases.   This state-
       ment must appear in the outer scope of  the  configuration
       file  - if it appears in some other scope, it will have no

lease-file "/path/to/ramdisk/dhcpd.leases";


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