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Hi all

                   Thanks for your reply ,

I tried a couple of tests , Firstly adding ping-check false into my
dhcpd.conf and mounted the dhcp on /dev/ramdisk .I measured the
performance of the server using dhcperf. To my surprise the number of
leases i.e High water mark went to a whopping number of 8090 and i was
able to get around 2300 five handshakes successfully. The subnet which i
used was so dhcp wrote a lease of 251 numbers

        When i increased the host numbers to
roughy 65000 hosts the numbers came down drastically to 92 transactions
per second from 8090. dhcpd wrote a lease file of ~3500 leases. I wonder
what could cause such a huge drop in numbers . Has anyone tried this or
faced a similar problem.






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>> Hi can some one help me disabling ping-check off and moving the dhcp 

>> leases write ram disk .Your help would be highly appreciated


>What about writing


> ping-check false;


>into your dhcpd.conf file?


>The location of the lease file can be changed either on compile time or

>(probably more convenient) as option -lf to the dhcpd command.


or even more convenient use dhcpd.conf entry

The lease-file-name statement

lease-file-name name;

Name should be the name of the DHCP server's lease file.

By default, this is /var/dhcp/dhcpd.leases. This state-

ment must appear in the outer scope of the configuration

file - if it appears in some other scope, it will have no


lease-file "/path/to/ramdisk/dhcpd.leases";




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