free a lease via omshell

Axel Scheepers axel at
Wed Feb 25 18:39:43 UTC 2009

On Tue, 2009-02-24 at 12:14 -0600, Marc Perea wrote:
> Hi, Axel.
> I found the same problem when trying to use omshell to terminate a lease early. What we ended up doing was to not even worry about the state at all, and just
> set ends=00:00:00:00
> update
> after opening the lease we wanted to modify. Once the lease is ended, it appears that the state doesn't matter and the IP can be assigned again. Sorry for delayed response, I was in Vegas last week :)
> Hope this helps you!

Hi Marc,

Thanks for your reply, I'll try that tomorrow at work. I've tried to set
both state and ends time but after the update the ends time was
unmodified but I'm glad to hear it should be possible to change that. 
I've noticed we should update also btw, it might be related although I
can't play around with that at will.

> dhcpd -v
Internet Systems Consortium DHCP Server V3.0.4

Kind regards,

Axel Scheepers
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