Tr : Strange behavior encountered with dhcp 4.0.0 on Solaris 10

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Wed Jan 21 20:22:11 UTC 2009


We've encountered a strange problem with DHCPD 4.0.0:

Operating system and version:       SunOS 5.10 kernel patch level 120011-14
- sparc on Sun Blade T6300
C (Gcc library) version:                  3.4.6
DHCP distribution:                  4.0.0 (Internet Systems Consortium DHCP
Server 4.0.0)

-  we start the dhcpd daemon with "/opt/sbin/dhcpd", in debug mode. It runs
fine for some time...
- after a certain time (varies from hours to minutes), the log ceases to be
updated, so does the leasing of new addresses
- to restart, we must first kill the current dchpd and then restart dhcpd.
Nothing in the log indicates why dhcpd stopped delivering new addresses.

- started the dhcpd daemon with a truss command (truss -feai -o
/var/tmp/dhcpd.tru).  It ran for some time, then the process died after
having forked
a child.  The child ran, but did no longer responded to requests.

This is our dhcpd.conf:

(See attached file: current_dhcpd.conf)

Any help will be greatly appreciated,

Ladislas Adamku
Unix Systems Administrator
Videotron Ltd.
Tél. : (514) 380-4165
Fax  : (514) 380-9145
ladislas.adamku at
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