Strange behavior encountered with dhcp 4.0.0 on Solaris 10

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Wed Jan 21 18:05:15 UTC 2009


Can you please let me know if this may be a problem with dhcpd:

Operating system and version:       SunOS 5.10 kernel patch level 120011-14
- sparc on Sun Blade T6300
C (Gcc library) version:                  3.4.6
DHCP distribution:                  4.0.0 (Internet Systems Consortium DHCP
Server 4.0.0)

-  we start the dhcpd daemon with "/opt/sbin/dhcpd", in debug mode. It runs
fine for some time...
- after a certain time (varies from hours to minutes), the log ceases to be
updated, so does the leasing of new addresses
- to restart, we must first kill the current dchpd and then restart dhcpd.
Nothing in the log indicates why dhcpd stopped delivering new addresses.

- started the dhcpd daemon with a truss command (truss -feai -o
/var/tmp/dhcpd.tru).  It ran for some time, then the process died after
having forked
a child.  The child ran, but did no longer responded to requests.

For the, and dhcpd.log files, use an anonymous ftp
connection to   The files are in the pub directory.
filename          size
dhcpd.leases            7705924 bytes
dhcpd.leases~           7735186 bytes
dchpd.log         151946264 bytes

(See attached file: dhcpd.conf)

Any help you can offer will be greatly appreciated,

Ladislas Adamku
Unix Systems Administrator
Videotron Ltd.
Tél. : (514) 380-4165
Fax  : (514) 380-9145
ladislas.adamku at
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