upgrading some old servers

Marty Sørensen buzzwork at gmail.com
Wed Jan 28 22:19:49 UTC 2009


I have a question about upgrading some and "old" Debian stable 3.0.4-13 to
compiled 3.0.7 ISC DHCPservers.
How is this gonna effect our failover setup ? I have read in the release
note on 3.0.7 that a new field is added in the leases-file,
is this gonna be any problem ? We would like to stay on 3.0 for now and then
upgrade later again.

What procedure could i use ? Can i just take down both of the servers,
compile a new version and start the servers up again ?
or could i do a PARTNER-DOWN state on the primare and turn off the sec.
Power down the primary and upgrade both server, and then turn
them on again ???

Hope any one can kick me in the right direction here asap :-)

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