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Mon Jun 8 13:49:42 UTC 2009

IMHO, I would not really trust Minerva to give any DHCP advice in a  
setup as tricky as this.  I have worked with Minerva for 4 years now  
on our IPTV system, and they know just enough to make their things  
work.  This situation is quite extensive and I highly doubt that they  
have the expertise to give sound advice about it.  They have a hard  
enough time giving sound advice about their own product much less  
someone else's.

That being said, and noting that I don't have any Calix equipment in  
my network (Allied Telesis and soon Occam), we are classifying on the  
name of the fiber chassis, the vlan that the request is coming in on,  
the vendor id of the stb, and in some cases, a custom class that shows  
the firmware of the stb.

Are you switching your stb's out?  If so, you could classify on the  
stb vendor id.

This is a complicated situation that is going to require lots of  
testing and patience.

On a side note, and please forgive me for this, does anyone know of a  
cross-platform IPTV forum specifically for telcos that questions such  
as this could be asked, advice given, etc?  I have been looking for a  
forum like that for quite a few years...   If not, is there a desire  
in the telco/iptv commmunity for a forum such as I described?

Good luck Matt.  I can PM you some of my configs if you think it would  


On Jun 8, 2009, at 7:38 AM, Gideon Viator wrote:

> I still wonder what Minerva’s solution to this is. If they are  
> obtaining this new customer, they must have a procedure for the cut  
> over.
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> We have the IRC pointing to 2 DHCP servers, one for our legacy IPTV  
> middleware and the other for our new middleware.  Both receive  
> requests, but they have the necessary subclasses built (with  
> authoritative turned off) such that they only answer for the  
> appropriate STB.
> Frank
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> Subject: Calix C7
>  Is there anyone out there that has a lot of Calix C7 fiber in your  
> network. We have C7 fiber and we are running Myrio middleware across  
> that network. We are trying to cut all of those customers over to  
> Minerva, so we need to run both middleware’s in parallel. We were  
> told that you could add as many dhcp server address as you want to  
> the IRC card but that it will send the request for IP to all of them  
> at the same time. Is there a way to enable option 82 on a customer  
> level in the C7 so that we could set up dhcp relay on the server?
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