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Mon Jun 8 14:55:39 UTC 2009

> IMHO, I would not really trust Minerva to give any DHCP advice in a
> setup as tricky as this.  I have worked with Minerva for 4 years now
> on our IPTV system, and they know just enough to make their things
> work.  This situation is quite extensive and I highly doubt that they
> have the expertise to give sound advice about it.  They have a hard
> enough time giving sound advice about their own product much less
> someone else's.
> That being said, and noting that I don't have any Calix equipment in
> my network (Allied Telesis and soon Occam), we are classifying on the
> name of the fiber chassis, the vlan that the request is coming in on,
> the vendor id of the stb, and in some cases, a custom class that shows
> the firmware of the stb.
> Are you switching your stb's out?  If so, you could classify on the
> stb vendor id.
> This is a complicated situation that is going to require lots of
> testing and patience.
> On a side note, and please forgive me for this, does anyone know of a
> cross-platform IPTV forum specifically for telcos that questions such
> as this could be asked, advice given, etc?  I have been looking for a
> forum like that for quite a few years...   If not, is there a desire
> in the telco/iptv commmunity for a forum such as I described?
> Good luck Matt.  I can PM you some of my configs if you think it would
> help.
> Alex
> On Jun 8, 2009, at 7:38 AM, Gideon Viator wrote:
>> I still wonder what Minerva’s solution to this is. If they are
>> obtaining this new customer, they must have a procedure for the cut
>> over.
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>> We have the IRC pointing to 2 DHCP servers, one for our legacy IPTV
>> middleware and the other for our new middleware.  Both receive
>> requests, but they have the necessary subclasses built (with
>> authoritative turned off) such that they only answer for the
>> appropriate STB.
>> Frank
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>>  Is there anyone out there that has a lot of Calix C7 fiber in your
>> network. We have C7 fiber and we are running Myrio middleware across
>> that network. We are trying to cut all of those customers over to
>> Minerva, so we need to run both middleware’s in parallel. We were
>> told that you could add as many dhcp server address as you want to
>> the IRC card but that it will send the request for IP to all of them
>> at the same time. Is there a way to enable option 82 on a customer
>> level in the C7 so that we could set up dhcp relay on the server?
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I'm getting a list set up today.  I'll have a name and info by the end of
the day.


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