performance with 20000 classes; release a lease manually

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Tue Jun 16 00:56:39 UTC 2009

On Fri, Jun 12, 2009 at 01:47:39PM -0600, Jerimiah Cole wrote:
> My interpretation of the class/sublclass docs translates the above to:
> class "testlab" {
>   match option agent.circuit-id;
> }
> subclass "testlab" "test-01-03/Ethernet7:Vlan2" {
>   fixed-address;
>   filename "onttlrs_dual.cfg";
> }

No, fixed-address won't work there, I was only thinking of using a
'lease limit 1;' in the class area.  Not "assigning a fixed address
to all clients behind a given relay agent," but rather assigning at
most one dynamic address.

Having a large number of pools and classes is problematic from a
scaling point of view.  Having one dynamic pool (with lots of leases)
and one class (with lots of subclasses) is a much better scaling
situation, provided it meets the business demands.

It's two different things, but it's the best in terms of scalable
solutions the current software can support.

> > The DHCPv6 software allows a host record (with a fixed address for
> > example) to be matched based on an arbitrarily supplied option field
> > name and contents.  This is not currently, but could trivially be
> > extended to the DHCPv4 routines.
> Where do I send the check? :)

There are a lot of ways to participate with ISC to help and support
us in releasing better software.  This particular feature is small
enough that it isn't very efficient to try and setup a 'contracted
development' the time all the managers sign off, the
work will have been done.  It's likely to happen anyway, I think, so
I wouldn't want to take your money and leave you feeling like you
paid for free software...

But let me count them off anyway, for the benefit of the archive;

o DHCP [+ BIND] Forum Membership

  The forum is more geared for those who release our products in
  theirs, or those (such as ISPs) whose products are very much defined
  by the capability of our software.  It's more about direction.  Note
  that some level of Forum mebership is included in some levels of

o DHCP [+ BIND] Support Contracts

  Most of you find that you can solve your own problems, so I see
  support contracts as a way to participate with ISC to improve the
  software while getting backup (and quicker resolutions) for the
  trickier issues.

  Having a mailing list is a lot different from being able to get
  someone on a phone at 3am.

  And besides, is DHCP the kind of thing you want to spend your Friday
  nights on?

o Custom Development

o ISC Fundraisers - t-shirts and more to come

  The 'name wraith' t-shirts are our current fundraiser-priced
  product.  It says "One named wraith to rule them all, and in the
  darkness BIND them" in the written script of the black speech of
  Mordor (Mordor did not have a word for 'name server', we think they
  must have been distributing host files).  More than you'd pay for a
  t-shirt, but less than you'd pay for good software.

o Straight donations.

o Training

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