performance with 20000 classes; release a lease manually

Jerimiah Cole jcole at
Tue Jun 16 19:21:21 UTC 2009

David W. Hankins wrote:
> Having a large number of pools and classes is problematic from a
> scaling point of view.

...especially when you start thinking about failover.

> There are a lot of ways to participate with ISC to help and support
> us in releasing better software.  This particular feature is small
> enough that it isn't very efficient to try and setup a 'contracted
> development' the time all the managers sign off, the
> work will have been done.  It's likely to happen anyway, I think, so
> I wouldn't want to take your money and leave you feeling like you
> paid for free software...

Well, we might use "contracted development" to align your development 
priorities with our needs.  In other words, changing "likely" and I 
think" to "will by some defined date."  There is real value in that, 
apart from "paying for free [beer] software."

That said, free is better.  I and others have wanted this implemented 
for some time, and obviously lack the clue to do so individually. 
Realizing that this is free software and that commitments are difficult 
to ask for, can we get some idea about the priority that this feature 
has and perhaps some timeframe for implementation?


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