Performance of dhcp fail over protocol

Robert Hille rch17 at
Tue Jun 30 13:13:28 UTC 2009

We had similar problems when we first tested failover. dhcperf can be a 
pretty abusive test without much tolerance for failures, if there are 
any problems with your dhcp configuration or latency in you netowrk, 
dhcperf will fail horribly.

Once we spent a little time troubleshooting and making sure everything 
was correctly configured, performance can up to near the same as 2 dhcp 

I'd suggest going back through and double checking your configs and 
making sure that the servers are communicating correctly (and they have 
a clear path to and from the test box).


loganathan Govindaraj wrote:
> Hi
>           I have fail over running on 3.0.5 , if i run dhcperf on the 
> fail over configuration the Performance numbers are abysmal . The 
> average transactions per second is less than one.
> but on a standalone i am getting 42 transaction/sec. Do we have to 
> compromise on the performance  if we have  fail over configured. I am 
> not sure whether i am doing it the right way but the fail over is 
> working properly and the server is able to allocate the leases. I am not 
> able to understand what causes the server performance to do go down so 
> drastically . Is it because of the frequent primary secondary 
> communication ? or is there any timer which we can modify to improve the 
> performance .? any help is appreciated .
> Logan
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