host statement...

E Johnson ej.isc at
Mon Mar 2 20:05:44 UTC 2009

Wow you guys are great, you answered my next question even before I was 
done posting it.

So then, as long as I have a MAC to work with, I can assign a 
"fixed-address" to whatever I want?


Simon Hobson wrote:
 > E Johnson wrote:
 >> In this statement...
 >> # NAS device
 >> host nas001 {
 >>     hardware ethernet 00:08:54:d7:5d:75;
 >>     fixed-address;
 >>     }
 >> ...the "nas001" would be considered the "uid"?
 > No, the nas001 is nothing more than a text label - it has to be 
globally unique, but doesn't actually do/mean anything. Most people use 
it as a label so that humans reading the config can see what device it 
refers to.

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