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Sten Carlsen sten at
Mon Mar 2 23:39:10 UTC 2009

One added twist: I use the FQDN that I have already put in DNS for the
fixed address, that way I can make all changes in DNS also for fixed
addresses in DHCP.

host Example_host{
hardware ethernet xxxxxxxxxxx;

Simon Hobson wrote:
> E Johnson wrote:
>> Wow you guys are great, you answered my next question even before I
>> was done posting it.
> Yep, the label can be whatever label makes sense for you.
>> So then, as long as I have a MAC to work with, I can assign a
>> "fixed-address" to whatever I want?
> Yes - you can do it for any client. It's common to use it for stuff
> like printers where you really want it to stay put !
> The presence of a host statement (which only needs a hardware line as
> a minimum) will make a client "known" - as in "allow known-clients"
> etc in pools.
> If there is a fixed-address statement with an address valid for the
> subnet the client is physically connected to, then that will be
> allocated to the client.

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